3 Questions

By, 04/12/2013

Here’s an interesting take on job interviews, from a recent NBC Chicago article. Every question in a job interview can fit under the umbrella of one of the following:

“Can you do this job?

What kind of personality do you have?

Do I like you?”

This article seemingly targets interviewers, but it certainly gives interviewees insight, too. Whether or not the above questions completely summarize interviews, they importantly address ability and company culture fit—two vital aspects of a successful career. So the questions likely do surface at one point or another during an interview, and it’s important to recognize you can’t always prepare perfect answers for them.

Leading to another excellent point the article makes: Having some prepared answers is good, but too many prepared answers can hurt your overall interview. Over-polishing interview answers may come off as insincere and could hinder your ability to think on your feet—an important job skill.