By, 10/28/2013

You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get around 3PM. You’ve eaten lunch and have been digesting at your desk for an hour or two. And all you want to do is sleep.

For obvious reasons, falling asleep on the job isn’t appreciated by your boss, and working in a daze isn’t very effective. To sidestep the threat of an involuntary siesta, do the following:

  • Get moving! Step outside and walk for a few minutes to get your blood moving. If possible, schedule any physical duties for the afternoon.
  • Laugh! Take a moment to step away from your desk and enjoy a few laughs with co-workers. This will pump some energetic endorphins into your brain.
  • Eat smart! Enjoy a power-filled breakfast with low-fat protein and carbs. For a light lunch, stick with plenty of lean protein and keep the carb count low. For snacking, eat every few hours to keep your metabolism high and energy levels constant. When in doubt, stick with fruits and veggies, and when 3pm rolls around, reach for protein, not sugar.

With this in mind, go forth and conquer the dreaded 3pm hour.