Addressing the Counterargument

By, 01/31/2014

In writing, the best way to build an argument is to also address the counterargument. But there’s a broader application for this concept in the business world, too.

Formal presentations are a staple in almost any professional setting. They’re used for many reasons—ranging from presenting research findings to rolling out a new program. And for some, presentations are also used to make formal proposals, like proposing a new business venture you think your company should make. In many cases, those considering your proposal will present reasons NOT to do something. And though the decision is ultimately out of your hands, the best way to present your case is to address those reasons, too.

Addressing the counterargument is a great way to show decision makers you’ve carefully done your research and, though there may be reasons for not implementing your idea, or important hurdles to consider, ultimately you think it’s still a good idea. Otherwise you wouldn’t be suggesting it, right? It will also show key decision-makers you see their side, too, and understand where they’re coming from. You never know when addressing these points will be the factor that turns your proposal into a reality.