Appreciate Your Contacts

By, 08/13/2013

“I have the perfect job opportunity for you!” Such an exclamation might be music to your ears. In a competitive employment environment, having an inside contact at a hiring company helps separate your resume from the rest in the pile. Not only do your contacts know you on a deeper level, they also know more about the company–and possibly if the position is a good fit. 

Understand also a contact’s recommendation directly connects the two of you, and thus your actions can reflect that person—for better or worse. So if a contact presents you with an opportunity, passes along your resume, or provides an introduction, it’s crucial to thank him—not only for the time and energy spent, but his trust in your ability and character, as well.

Lastly, make sure to update your contact throughout the hiring process. Even if you don’t get the job, it’s still important to acknowledge your contact’s time and assistance. After all, someone who feels appreciated will be much more likely to provide help in the future.