Back To School

By, 08/24/2011

The advertisements are in full force with all the back to school items needed to fulfill those endless school supply lists. While colleges don’t typically send all of their students a supply list to ensure they arrive with the correct number of folders, pencils, and boxes of tissue, these ads do mark the end of summer and the exodus from beaches as college students start to occupy dorms again and become reacquainted with the studious side of school. For those of you entering your senior year, you are probably mixed with a lot of different emotions as you face your “last” back to school season. Excitement, sadness, accomplishment, even fear – especially if you haven’t started your job search! I am embarrassed to say this was the scenario for me.

I was studious and involved but for some reason thought the career search was always something I would have time for in the future. I still remember walking through my first career fair. Within minutes I was suddenly aware I was surrounded by juniors! Was I really a whole year behind everyone else? In hindsight everything worked out. I went on to find this firm, Fisher Investments, that truly gave me a career and a multitude of experiences without having to change companies. That original career fair was a good eye opener though and I encourage all senior level students who will be seeking employment after graduation in December or the Spring to attend. It only takes a couple minutes out of your day and may even help to relieve some of the fears you might be having. Fisher Investments will be at quite a few local careers fairs throughout the year. I’ll be sure to keep you posted when and where – in the meantime enjoy your last moments of beach time!