Be a Mentor

By, 10/10/2012

Having a mentor is a valuable way to learn about a new job, your colleagues and a new company. Personally, I find being a mentor can be as (and sometimes more) beneficial.

You can be a mentor at almost any point in your career, even if you feel too inexperienced to give advice. Forming a mentor relationship with someone less tenured or with less exposure to your area of expertise can be a testament to just how much you’ve learned. It also provides an excellent opportunity to thoroughly understand your job—after all, if you don’t understand something, you won’t be able to explain it to someone else. And the questions you’ll field often provide new perspective.

Mentoring also provides a networking opportunity that often lasts long after you’ve completed a job or left a company.  I still check in with my past mentors and mentees about work and life in general. Those relationships are advantageous for my career and my mentors and mentees also benefit—it’s a two-way street.