Be Smart About Social Networking

By, 02/07/2012

We’ve all heard or read about the importance of networking when it comes to landing a job or even an interview—and yes, networking many times plays a part in career success. Networking comes in many forms, from somewhat formal interviews at a job fair to informal get-togethers at a friend’s house. After all, you never know if the guy sitting next to you on the plane is a recruiter or manager looking to fill several positions at his company.

With the advent of social networking, however, job seekers should exercise caution when it comes to what they post on the internet. According to a study by executive search firm ExecuNet, up to 77% of recruiters take a look at applicants’ social networking pages—which means your social networking profile may be your first chance at making a good first impression. 

Social networking can be immensely useful to job seekers, but using common sense is also important in this case.