Being a New Hire

By, 10/11/2012

Building rapport with co-workers is an important part of starting a new job. No one wants to start out on the wrong foot. An article on lists the dos and don’ts for making the social transition to your new workplace.

Act friendly, even if it’s a little hard in the beginning while you’re focused on learning your new job functions. Make an effort to engage with people whenever you can, and try making small talk to find common interests. Ask your coworkers if they saw a recent show or sporting event, or ask for recommendations on shops or restaurants close by—you might just end up chatting about the latest episode of your favorite show over a sandwich at lunch.

As you get to know your coworkers, be mindful of certain boundaries. For instance, don’t insert yourself into conversations that appear more personal. Give colleagues some time to warm up to you—they are still getting to know you, and you don’t want to seem invasive. Finally, although networking can be important in the corporate world, don’t invite people to join your online network right away. Not only will you avoid a potential awkward moment should they not accept your request, but as Monster advises, “your network should consist of people with whom you have a relationship rather than just someone who happens to have the same employer.”