Being Comfortable in Your Work Space

By, 12/06/2012

In many offices, employees spend a majority of the day at their desks. That said, it’s important to be comfortable in the space you have.

Be physically comfortable. Talk to your Human Resources department about an ergonomic assessment. Perhaps having an ergonomic keyboard or mouse or different chair would make you more comfortable and allow you to be more productive. Sitting or typing more comfortably will also help in the long run with avoiding possible health issues like back or wrist pain.

Decorate your workspace. If you spend a lot of time at your desk, liven up your surroundings and personalize your space. Bring a photo of friends and family or some sports memorabilia. However, don’t forget to use common sense when it comes to decorating—your workspace is also a public area where your decorations will be viewed by others.

Having a space in which you are comfortable can make for a more productive environment and workday. If you’re able to, take the time to make your space your own and enjoy your personal touch.