By, 08/08/2011

In reviewing the positions currently available here at Fisher Investments, you’ll notice quite a few of them are for our office in the Pacific Northwest – Washington State. Currently, a majority of Fisher Investments’ employees operate out of two smaller offices located in Vancouver, Washington. Many people not familiar with the area are first surprised to learn that Vancouver is indeed in Washington state—not British Columbia.  Their interest then spikes when I further explain the city of Portland, Oregon is about ten minutes away. It is an amazing city. While small in scale, it is full of everything you’d expect from a metropolitan area.

I’ll cover Portland and the surrounding area more in future posts, but today I wanted to talk about the new campus that Fisher Investments is building in the town of Camas. Camas is only a couple minutes outside of Vancouver, and the new office location is less than ten minutes from the current space the employees occupy. News of the office’s upcoming completion is causing quite a buzz around the firm. Building the new campus will bring together the smaller satellite offices, uniting the nearly 400 employees who currently work in the area, and most importantly providing a space for future growth. This is of course great news for candidates and the reason why you will find so many of our opportunities in the Pacific Northwest.

Take a look at a couple snapshots below showing the work in-progress on the site. While these were taken earlier this year, it shows the beautiful scenery that surrounds the office – much like the headquarters in Woodside, California.

Fisher Investments - Camas

Fisher Investments - Camas