Careers Articles Are Great Inspiration

By, 02/12/2013

I mean it! Every few days, I peruse the careers pages of The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, Time, etc., to see current hot topics in job searches, company culture and business etiquette. Keeping abreast of career oriented topics isn’t just helpful for those looking for jobs or hoping to move their career to the next level, it provides insight for daily job performance.

Personally, I wouldn’t necessarily think about how my habits at home may affect my job performance if I didn’t read articles about it. And the variety of subjects covered may give you a new perspective at work. For instance, even if you haven’t already made the career move to management, articles on that topic could help you better manage your time, interact with coworkers and remember challenges your manager has. So, while not everything you might read in a careers article may apply to you, keeping the topics they discuss front of mind may help you develop a fuller, more insightful career in the long term.