Client Service Associates

By, 07/22/2011

My previous post talked about the start of my career path here at Fisher Investments. Many times I have been asked by candidates about what role I started in or to describe my career path at the firm. While my career path is typical of a seasoned employee at the firm, having worked in six different departments and multiple roles to give me a well rounded skill set, it is my first role at Fisher Investments that I enjoy talking about the most. I truly believe it gave me the foundation to be successful at the firm and taught me a lot about a financial services company in general. Just like when you choose a major in college, you don’t really know what you are getting into until your first major class – in starting a career you don’t really know if you have found an industry fit until you start working in the actual role.

My first official title was that of Client Account Coordinator – this is part of the Client Service Associates Group. Primary responsibilities are operational in nature, but I also interacted with clients directly in answering questions on account setup and other miscellaneous operational needs. The truth of the matter is no financial services firm can run without a solid and efficient operations group to support the many account processes, from new account setups to daily transfers. Therefore, learning the inner workings helped me to not only learn about the industry, but it also gave me a base skill set to be successful in future roles. I often tell people that if you are lucky enough to start your career in financial services at Fisher Investments, you are even more so if it is as a Client Service Associate, a role many of our top managers also held.

To learn more about the Client Service Associate role at Fisher Investments, please see the job description here. If you are looking at taking a chance at the opportunity, you can also apply directly.