Distract … … ed

By, 01/02/2013

Distractions are everywhere, and the workplace is no exception. Many businesses these days have open floor plans, partial cubicles or none at all, meaning your co-workers and their conversations are a constant stimulant—how distracting! And the expansion of the web for business and personal use certainly don’t help keep you on task, either. While an occasional distraction isn’t necessarily a catastrophe to your job overall, it’s important to recognize ways to refocus, when concentration is absolutely necessary.

Headphones, for example, even if not playing music can help tune out noise. Or if you notice your attention span is increasingly shortening, perhaps that’s a sign to take a quick break and clear your head. When you begin again, you may notice taking a breather helped you focus. If your work is mobile, empty conference rooms or cubicles could isolate you from distractions, too. But in the end, if nothing is working, it’s OK to politely ask your co-workers to quiet down every once in a while if you’re trying to concentrate.