Don’t Sell Yourself Short … or Long

By, 11/26/2014

Most of us learned at a young age that it’s uncouth to brag about ourselves—humility is a desirable personality trait, arrogance an unbecoming one. And when it comes to the recruitment and job interview process, this approach makes sense, to a degree. Seasoned recruiters can sniff out fluff words and over-the-top proclamations, and if you ever get called to shed more light on an embellishment, you could be left in an awkward spot—so it seems like a modest approach would be preferable to a showy one.

But that doesn’t mean you should downplay your accomplishments either. You are trying to convince the recruiter you’re an ideal candidate, worthy of being hired. If you dismiss your credentials as “not a big deal,” the recruiter may end up agreeing with you—to your detriment! Rather than relying on hype or humility, rely on another “h” word—honesty—to guide your job hunt. It may take more than a couple of interviews and letdowns, but being comfortable with what you do (and do not) bring to the table means you’ll likely find a position that fits you better overall.