Don’t Worry, Be Happy

By, 05/07/2012

A lengthy job search can be trying—when you’re on the hunt for a while, it’s easy to get discouraged. And if you let that discouragement demotivate you or impact your conversations with potential employers, it can hinder your progress. Yet the reverse is also true, as Career Builder puts it: “Having a good attitude, on the other hand, can help your cause as much as a bad one can hurt it.”

Most aspects of a job search—like whether you get interviews and callbacks—are out of your hands, but attitude is one thing you can control. One good way to do this is to think of the attitudes hiring managers look for, and how you’ve embodied them—remembering your accomplishments will help you feel more confident.

Courtesy of Career Builder, here are some positive attributes to consider:

  • A “can-do” attitude: Let them know you’re the person who can step in quickly, work efficiently and lighten the team’s burden.
  • “I’m an awesome team player; not a lone wolf”: Working well with people is a must—collaboration helps breed new ideas, and when people feed off each other creatively, a better product usually results. Give concrete examples of successful collaborations you’ve been part of. 
  • “I am determined; I run through walls to get the job done”: Have you overcome obstacles to complete a task or create a new product? Tell your interviewer how your persistence has paid off.