Etiquette at After-Hours Company Functions

By, 01/14/2013

Office  parties and department get-togethers are common. How you act outside of work can leave a lasting impression on co-workers, so it’s important to maintain a respectable reputation.

Utilize the time to network. Where appropriate, introduce yourself to senior managers or the CEO. You may not know when you’ll get a chance again.

Think about how you would like managers and co-workers to view you. It’s probably no different than how you’d like to be viewed at the office. For example, minding your manners will be key in maintaining a professional reputation.

You probably spend a large part of the day with your co-workers talking about work-related topics, so use the time to get to know the people around you on a more personal level (but not too personal). Developing better personal relationships can make professional relationships more productive. To that end, don’t spend too much time talking about yourself either—you may come off as self-centered.