Find a Mentor

By, 08/01/2012

Over the course of my career, I’ve been the fortunate beneficiary of many mentor relationships. Mentors in your own organization can provide critical insight and guidance in your day-to-day job responsibilities and career progress. Other mentors can provide valuable perspective and insight you might not get otherwise.

To use an oversimplified analogy, imagine two runners in a footrace. One runner has a running coach, a conditioning coach and a nutritionist on the sidelines—giving her feedback and advice as she races around the track. The other runner is alone, forced to make adjustments along the way and unaware of how he’s doing until the end of the race. Who does best? Difficult to say, but it’s likely the runner with the coaching felt a lot better about her experience along the way—better informed and more capable of accomplishing the outcome she desired. And that’s the value of mentors. Although they can’t run the race for you, mentors provide valuable perspective and advice along the way that better enable you to achieve your goals.