First Impressions

By, 10/08/2013

Before you even greet the interviewer, he or she is already building a first impression of you. Thus, it’s best to tailor your appearance to the job you’re seeking and the impression you’d like to leave. Consider these tips.                                                                                                                                                              

Prepare. The day before the interview, double-check what you’ll be wearing. If there are wrinkles, iron them. If there are minor stains, don’t wear it. If your shoes are scuffed, polish them.

Use your judgment. As far as attire is concerned, you’re trying to win a job, not a fashion show. Don’t distract the interviewer with low-cut blouses, overly flashy colors, distracting jewelry, or wild hair. Suit up. Play it safe. Keep it classy.

Smell good. Before you enter the interview, take a strong breath mint. You want to come off as clean and fresh, rather than smelling like your breakfast from two hours before. Also, avoid strong perfume or cologne. The odors could be distracting, overbearing, or potentially allergy-aggravating.