First Job Tips

By, 08/22/2013

If you’re starting your first full-time job, you may be nervous. That’s understandable. Follow these tips for excelling at your first real job.

  • Admit what you don’t know. Taking positions on topics which you are ignorant of will come off as arrogant. Remember that your boss expects you, the new-hire, to be willing to learn.
  • Be grateful. If your boss or a co-worker goes out of their way to help you, give them a sincere “thank you.” People enjoy being appreciated.
  • Take the initiative. If everyone is avoiding a laborious task, take it on as your personal project. This will ingratiate your team to you and build rapport. Just be sure to allocate time to your responsibilities.
  • Be positive. Be approachable. The two work in concert and create a positive public image of you, which helps make people more willing to work with you. Adopting an attitude that something or someone is beneath you will garner the attention of your boss, but not in a positive way.

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