Fisher Creek Campus

By, 09/06/2011

In a previous post I talked about the Fisher Investments campus we are building in Washington state. Recently the Vancouver Business Journal cited the campus, known as Fisher Creek, as the 2011 Top Projects winner.  While it is always exhilarating to be considered a winner – the article reemphasizes what a great commitment this new campus is to the employees of Fisher Investments. While I am a California native and will most likely always work out of Fisher Investments’ California office, I take pride that I work for a firm that emphasizes not only making the lives of the Fisher Investments employees a little better, but also in the way they go about it. The article talks in length about the measures that were taken into consideration to ensure that the natural beauty of the environment was kept intact and made a prominent part of the development. I think this may be one of the many reasons why it is considered a top project.

For those looking to start their career at Fisher Investments, the vision of the firm can physically be seen in this project. Fisher Investments is a firm looking towards growth, supportive of their employees, not afraid to think outside of the typical financial services box when selecting their location, and taking sustainability into consideration.

Fisher Investments - Fisher Creek Campus