Fisher Investments Benefits - Part Two

By, 10/24/2011

Recently I did a post on the pretty incredible (at least in my eyes) benefits that Fisher Investments has to offer most fulltime employees. You may have noticed that I left out a crucial segment when it comes to benefit discussions – health care. From ObamaCare to the current Presidential Election debates, healthcare is a hot topic and will most likely continue to be so as we head into 2012. When people hear about the healthcare benefits Fisher Investments has to offer, you often get the response, “really?” Yes, the healthcare benefits offered by Fisher Investments are really what we say they are, and probably one of the most impressive pieces to the overall compensation and benefits package.

Currently Fisher Investments pays 100% of the monthly premium for both employee and dependant medical benefits. Paying 100% means employees pay ZERO of the premium required to maintain their health insurance AND that of their dependants. This is seldom heard of from corporations large and small – certainly more impressive than any of the healthcare plans being discussed by the government. The firm also provides paid dental and vision coverage for employees and dependants – just another bonus when it comes to looking at the whole picture.

Employee Benefits Offered by Fisher Investments