Fisher Investments Benefits

By, 10/04/2011

As the job interview process moves along, the question of benefits comes up eventually. For some candidates it is the most important piece of their potential employment package—for others it is almost like an afterthought. Navigating my way through benefit packages for the first time seemed so foreign – much more complicated than final exams I had just completed. How do you decide? How can you determine which company’s package offers the benefits you will actually use and therefore affects your bottom line as part of your total compensation? It is difficult, no doubt. No wonder our federal government cannot agree when it comes to benefits and healthcare. Over time and by learning about other companies’ packages, I have become extremely impressed with the benefits program Fisher Investments offers most full-time employees, and I wanted to highlight a couple of those points here.

Paid Time Off

Employees start accruing Paid Time Off (PTO) from day one of their employment. It might sound like a basic policy, but surprisingly many firms require a probationary period before an employee is able to accrue PTO. The structure of a PTO system versus other types of time off systems provides more flexibility for employees, reflecting the meritocratic culture at the firm. PTO is in addition to paid holidays observed by Fisher Investments.

401(k) Plan with a Company Match

Fisher Investments currently provides a generous company match with their employer sponsored 401(k) plan. This percentage match is capped by the 401(k) contribution limit itself, not a portion of a person’s income. It is simple and straightforward. I have seen some plans that are so confusing you need higher level math to figure out what you ultimately receive as a match – the result is often far less than you might expect.

Of course to receive this benefit, you need to contribute to the 401(k) plan in the first place. To start contributing at the onset of employment not only helps you save for the long term but it also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the Fisher Investments match. Sometimes people tend to look at personal contribution as a negative since it reduces your take home pay, but you never “lose” this money – you are saving it and through the company match earning a return on your investment.

Don’t forget to review the full list of benefits here.