Focusing in a Busy Environment

By, 02/28/2012

Focusing intently and being productive throughout a normal workday can be a challenge for many people—from fresh recruit to the 25-year veteran. But there’s an easy trick to increasing your focus and productivity that you can start using today: Understand your work habits.

The ability to focus in the workplace or classroom (or anywhere for that matter) is a product of understanding your own work habits. And figuring out your work habits is something that only comes with practice. But that doesn’t just mean “working.” It means working cognizant-ly. That’s to say, in order to understand your habits, you’ll have to figure out when you’re being your most productive and be cognizant of the conditions that led to that. From there, create the same conditions and repeat.

Here are some helpful questions to help identify the conditions that help you focus and make you the most productive:

  • What time of the day do I feel the most energized?
  • What time of the day do I feel like I’m the most productive?
  • Do I prefer to take a few long breaks or several shorter ones?
  • How do I organize my tasks and day-to-day responsibilities?

Try keeping these questions in mind throughout your next work or school week—you might be surprised to discover some interesting, and perhaps beneficial, patterns.