Getting Back the Spark

By, 09/17/2013

After working for a few years, your career passion may begin to fade. This leads to lower satisfaction for you and lower productivity for the employer, both of which are less than optimal. Here are some ideas for getting that spark back in your work life.

  • Take the initiative for change. If you do the same basic task every day, branch out to people outside your immediate group to learn a new skill that will shake up your responsibilities. An alternative is mentoring up-and-coming employees. Not only will they benefit from your experience, but your boss will take note of your leadership.
  • Take a break. Enjoying a day or a week of vacation recharges you and grants you fresh perspective. Remember that Paid Time Off (PTO) is meant to be used for both your benefit and the company’s.
  • Take an account of your happiness. If you find you’re good at your job, enjoy it to some degree, and have a meaningful impact on others, you’re probably in the right place. If not, you may need a change of pace in a new role or department.
  • The grass is often browner on the other side of the fence, not greener. Making a change for the sake of change is often an error; making a change because it enhances your position, challenges you, or is intellectually stimulating are better reasons.