Guidelines Aren’t Requirements

By, 09/08/2015

What do job descriptions and gates have in common? They both serve as deterrents (except to those who have a key). For hiring departments, a robust, detailed job description can help save time—many would-be applicants may take themselves out of the process if they don’t meet all the listed qualifications. However, some point out this would be a mistake. Now, I’m not suggesting qualifications mean nothing and can be ignored. For example, if you see an opening for a software engineer, you should probably have some working understanding of a computer language or two at bare minimum.

But if you find that you meet most of the qualifications, weigh the pros and cons of applying. At worst, you’ll be turned down—something that could happen even if you fulfilled every single bullet point in the job description. But what if your inquiry got a response? That response could lead to an interview, and once you have your foot in the door, who knows where it could lead? Now, this isn’t a call to overrate your skillset. But if you feel like you can meet a given job’s requirements, don’t let the description take you out of the running.