Highlighting Strengths

By, 04/17/2012

Monster published an article describing how to make yourself sound like the best candidate you can be during an interview. In it are the usual tips like avoiding empty clichés (e.g., punctual, reliable, etc.), but also some useful information like how to pick out what the employer may be looking for by reading through the job posting carefully.

 One tip in particular stood out: Be Aware of Nonverbal Communication. We’ve all heard stories about how a limp handshake can be off-putting, but did you know a too-strong handshake can be just as bad? And it’s not just the handshake—little things like making eye contact when speaking to the interviewer and your posture can convey a lot. For example, Monster says leaning forward “can make you seem closed off”; sitting up straight is preferable.

 And finally, practice, practice, practice. Most everyone is nervous when going in for an interview—and practicing, whether by talking to your reflection in a mirror or getting a friend to help you, will go a long way in acing that interview and landing the job.