How many degrees from Fisher Investments are you?

By, 09/22/2011

While some argue Facebook has made great strides on career networking, LinkedIn still seems to hold the designation as the primary social networking hub for career opportunities. The philosophy behind networking is often described as the six-degrees-of-separation theory.  LinkedIn looks at your self-established network and quantifies degrees of separation between you and all other users.  A 1st degree relationship means you have indentified yourself as knowing another individual, whereas a 2nd degree relationship means you and that person each share a 1st degree relationship with the same person. Networking (a key to identifying career opportunities) is then easily done across a computer (or mobile app) screen by reaching out to the higher degree relationships. As the number of an individual’s first degree relationships grows, so does their network and the potential career opportunities.

In order to facilitate the efficient growth of your network, LinkedIn provides suggestions as to who you might know. Personally, the people provided to me by LinkedIn are typically Fisher Investments employees, as expected given I have worked at the firm for over nine years. Last week for the first time I was shocked by a suggestion – someone was recommended to me that was a first degree relationship to five of my first degree relationships – all relationships from different parts of my life. I was shocked and convinced that we really are all connected somehow.

Curious as to how many degrees you are separated from Fisher Investments? Follow Fisher Investments on LinkedIn and you might be surprised by who in your network is connected to Fisher Investments. Here at Fisher Investments we encourage employees to make candidate referrals should they know a potential candidate and to keep potential candidates informed on the job opportunities available.It never hurts to send the connection request!