How to Be a Writer

By, 02/14/2012

Do you like to write? If so, do you want to write for a living?

Some folks who answer “yes” to the first question might say “no” to the second, thinking the only options are being a journalist or writing novels—fields in which many find the odds stacked against them. But as this article in the British Guardian shows, opportunities abound in business and technical writing. Many firms have teams of dedicated writers, and the range of projects they work on may surprise you—corporate newsletters, website content, contracts, correspondence, grant proposals and social media are just a few. Corporations are increasingly present on Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere, and the content they publish isn’t written by robots.

So what are some practical tips for getting your foot in the door as a writer? The article offers four suggestions

  • Increase your online presence—through blogging and tweeting, you’ll have a portfolio of work to show potential employers, and they’ll get a feel for your voice, style and talent.
  • Network—join groups of fellow writers, either online or in the real world.
  • If you’re presently working, seek out writing projects—the more you write, the more you’ll get noticed.
  • Volunteer—many communities have writing tutorial centers for children and adults. Joining one of these organizations lets you show your writing experience on your resume.