How to Write Right

By, 11/18/2014

“I’m not a good writer,” is a common complaint I hear from students and business professionals alike. As someone who’s lucky enough to both enjoy writing and do it for a living, I take issue with that statement for two reasons:

  1. You write more often than you think, so whether you like it or not, you need to be able to do it
  2. If you can think, you can write

Writing, just like speaking, is a form of communication. And the most important tenet in communication: clarity! Sure, your prose may lack the elegance or wit of your favorite author, but if you can get your point across without confusing your reader, that’s successful writing—and much more important in your day-to-day life.

Plus, considering how much communication is done through writing these days (e.g. email), being able to write clearly and succinctly is an important skill to develop and have in your professional arsenal. While plenty of outlets offer advice on how to become a better writer, just remember Occam’s Razor: Simpler is, often, better.