Improve Your Speaking … Over the Phone

By, 07/11/2013

Many times, meetings, presentations and conferences can be held over the phone—especially in an era of telecommuting and global corporations with offices all over the world. Here are a few tips for speaking over the phone on these occasions.

Don’t multitask. Since your audience can’t see you, it’s tempting to respond to emails or work on other projects while you’re meeting, but being distracted from the task at hand will detract from your comprehension. Furthermore, they may take offense—or think you don’t care at all—if they feel you’re not paying enough attention.

Most importantly, use a pleasant tone and enunciate. Phones, and especially speakerphones, can distort your voice or make it harder for others to hear you. Speaking slowly can also help you communicate better, likely decreasing mumbling and using filler words. Plus, speaking too fast can sometimes make people feel flustered, so speaking slowly and confidently will help you get your point across more clearly.