In the Meeting House

By, 10/31/2012

Meetings are a staple in the professional world—so, meeting etiquette is an incredibly important component to a successful career. Behaving well and actively participating in meetings leaves a good impression on your colleagues and superiors, who may remember your professionalism down the road. But while good meeting etiquette seems like common sense, folk easily forget some of the rules.

First and foremost, showing up on time is an excellent way to show your enthusiasm. Arriving early can also ensure you’re available at the meeting’s start, but if a late arrival is unavoidable, enter quietly and sit in the closest available seat to avoid distracting the presenter or other attendees.

During the meeting, stay focused on the topic at hand. Practice active listening—taking notes and asking questions or responding to the speaker when appropriate. 

Lastly, follow the golden rule. Think about how you’d like your audience to respond to a presentation you’d just given, and try to exemplify that behavior.

Behaving with professional respect will help you stand out as a leader among your colleagues and they’ll probably also appreciate and remember your good example.