Infographic: President Obama’s Fourth Year

By, 08/11/2011

The online magazine MarketMinder, which is based on the core philosophy of Fisher Investments, recently published a great infographic on how to think about the upcoming fourth term for President Obama. While historical market data and the details of past presidential terms is all known information, looking at this data in a unique way allows an investor to gain insight that others might not have. This is a great example of one of the lessons learned in Ken Fisher’s bestselling book, The Only Three Questions that Count, and crucial to the core philosophy mentioned above.

I spoke in a past blog post about the specialization utilized at the firm – helping to ensure the best people are performing in a particular role at any point in time. This infographic is also a demonstration of what you can accomplish when those people work together to create something. In this case it involved development by our graphic arts team, editing by our content authors from MarketMinder, analysis from the Fisher Investments Research Team, and the overall core philosophy of Ken Fisher’s teachings. As an employee of Fisher Investments, I see this sort of interaction on a daily basis and felt it was a great visual example for those of you who are looking at our firm and trying to get a good feel for what the environment is truly like. Collaboration is key to great development.