Information Sharing

By, 05/15/2013

When spending the majority of your day at work, it’s easy to become close with co-workers and divulge information about your personal life. While getting to know your peers is an important aspect of team building, there is such thing as too much information.

Find a happy medium. Your co-workers probably don’t want to know about the fight you’re having with a friend but they may like to hear about hobbies or interests you have outside the office. Perhaps some of them share similar interests. In addition to sharing information about yourself, the questions you ask (or don’t ask) others are equally as important. You don’t want to come off as nosy by asking for information they’d rather not share, and remaining discreet shows you have a respect for the privacy of others.

Shying away from oversharing is important for another reason—the rumor mill. Once information is available to others, you can’t control where it travels. The same goes for rumors about other people—not spreading rumors reflects a trustworthy quality and it may hurt your professional reputation if you’re known as a gossip.