Internships and the Exponential Benefits

By, 08/15/2012

These days, it’s typical for students to step into the corporate world before graduating, sometimes by way of an internship. Internships—both paid and unpaid—can be incredibly rewarding experiences for students and companies alike. Students get valuable on-the-job experience and companies get a first look at promising future graduates.

During my last year of college, I had the opportunity to be an intern at a nearby organization. In addition to the on-the-job experience, I also had a chance to hone my communication skills, learn how to prioritize and develop critical teamwork skills. By the time I graduated, I felt more prepared to meet the challenges of the working world head-on, as I fully knew what to expect.

Another benefit of internships sometimes overlooked—students may also be able to earn college credit for their time on the job. Given rising college tuition costs, additional college credit through an internship can be an added bonus that gets you in that cap and gown sooner.