Interview: Check. Now What?

By, 07/16/2012

The whole process of getting a job can be like the kids’ game of Chutes and Ladders:  One minute you’re climbing the interview ladder, and the next, you’re down the “we’re not going to continue your candidacy” chute.  One possible reason for not moving forward could just be there’s not a good fit between you and firm; another is your follow up after the interview. 

A recent Forbes article outlines “4 non-annoying ways to follow up after the interview”:

  1. Stay in touch
  2. Get that thank you know out (FAST)
  3. Ask to connect via Linked In
  4. Periodically check in, if things drag out

The article outlines each item in more detail, but the message is still the same: Be persistent in a creative yet professional manner to stay top of mind.