Interview Follow-Up

By, 11/26/2012

A lot of emphasis is placed on preparation and etiquette during an interview, but what should you do afterwards when the waiting game begins? Following up with an employer (and the way you go about doing it) is very important.

Following up in a timely manner can remind an employer that you are still very interested in the position. Likewise, it helps keep the impression you’ve made fresh in their minds. If you have been working with a specific recruiter, reach out to them and talk about how you think the interview went—what went well and what didn’t go exactly as you would’ve liked. The recruiter may also offer you some helpful feedback.

Sending a thank you note to the person you interviewed with (if different from the recruiter) is also helpful. It will give you another chance to reinforce your interest in the job and the desire to move forward in the recruiting process. However, keep the note brief—a concise message can be more effective.

If you are chosen to move forward in the hiring process, the recruiter will contact you to set up subsequent meetings or interviews. Follow similar steps for these interviews as well, like following up and sending thank you notes to those you interviewed with.