Interview Prep

By, 11/05/2012

Sometimes, researching a company you are about to interview with can mean the difference between landing the job or not. But how do you find the right information and how do you use it to your advantage?

Start by reading the company’s website. Referencing their mission statement and tying it back to your goals, for example, is a great way to show the interviewer you have done your homework. How do their values align with your experience and background? You can also use the website to find news or press releases about recent events or awards the company has received.

Another large part of good first impressions in the interview process is how you dress. You may be able to get ideas from the company’s website about appropriate attire or dress code.

Finally, don’t forget to research yourself. Just as you are researching them, they may be doing the same with you. Be cognizant of what information is available online about you—you never know if it will come up in the interview.