Job Fair 101

By, 06/18/2012

Job fairs can be daunting. As CareerBuilder puts it, they “can seem a little like speed dating”—meeting potential employers in quick succession and hoping you make enough of an impression to stand out from the crowd.

Intimidated? CareerBuilder offers a few pointers:

  • Come prepared: Approach it like a typical job interview. Research the firms you’re targeting, and prepare some questions demonstrating your familiarity with them.
  • Practice your pitch: Time is precious at job fairs, and you may get only 30 seconds to sell yourself. Write, memorize and practices a pitch that establishes who you are, your qualifications and how you can help the company.
  • Fly solo: It may seem tempting to bring a friend for moral support, but job fairs are for reaching out and making new connections. You’re likelier to do that if you attend alone.
  • Follow up quickly: When you get home, email a thank you note to everyone you pitched yourself to. Let them know you appreciated their time, reiterate what you can offer, and remind them of “any distinguishing points you discussed.”