Keep Your Resume Relevant

By, 12/03/2012


This article in the Chicago Tribune provides excellent advice on keeping your resume clean and relevant when searching for a job. Depending on your past work experience, it can be tempting to pad your resume, listing previous work in detail or including too much detail. Too much information and, more importantly, irrelevant information can have a negative impact on your overall application.

One solution to a muddled resume is tailoring it to advertise certain experiences over others, aligning your skills with those required for a specific position. In my experience, I’ve seen many generic resumes sent to various companies. But not all of those companies are necessarily looking for the same skills. Elaborating your relevant skills tells the prospective employer you understand what’s important to the job and you can bring the right skills to the table.

In the end, a specific resume is a relevant resume—and a relevant resume demonstrates to prospective employers just how right you are for the job.