Ken Fisher - Forbes

By, 09/23/2011

For new and even existing employees, it is always neat to look back into a firm’s history to see what the leaders of a company where thinking in prior years.  Unless you have been at Fisher Investments for over 27 years, there is inevitably something to learn by looking back at the Forbes columns by Ken Fisher, Fisher Investments’ founder and CEO. Ken has been writing for Forbes for over 27 years. Given Forbes was founded in 1917, the information contained in Ken’s columns is part of almost a third of Forbes’ history as well. It isn’t surprising to learn that Ken is the fourth longest running columnist for the magazine. I personally have referenced articles all the way back to the beginning of Ken’s Forbes career. The articles are a part of Ken and Ken is a part of Fisher Investments.  Being an employee of Fisher Investments, I feel it is a part of me as well and I like knowing about my firm.

With the evolution of online publishing, historical columns are readily available. Even more exciting, though, is that the ease of publishing online content now complements traditional print articles, allowing content to be provided in-between monthly publication dates. This is also true in Ken’s case. His recent post on Forbes won’t be found in the magazine that comes out on stands shortly, but it is timely and welcomed by me—as I am sure by others that are followers of Ken. There are many who will still savor each page turn of the monthly article that will appear in Forbes (I am a self admitting magazine junkie myself), but in the world of instant gratification and knowledge seeking there is nothing more satisfying than new content found on the web. Follow Ken Fisher on Forbes to get notifications as to when similar posts and his print articles are available online. I do and I think it makes me a more informed employee, which is just as true for candidates.