Lasting Impressions: Body Language Mistakes During Interviews

By, 09/17/2012

Although you meet all of the qualifications, give all the right answers and have done your research, a recent Forbes article outlines how poor body language during an interview could put landing that job in jeopardy.

“The negative differentiators, like poor and ineffective body language, help make the decision easy for the hiring manager”.

First impressions start long before the interview, so it never hurts to practice that strong, but not over-confident, handshake. It’s also important to make eye contact and not do things that make you look uninterested, like fidgeting, not smiling or playing with your hair (which can also be distracting for the person you are interviewing).

Non-verbal communication, like gestures and body language, can speak just as loudly, if not louder, than the words you are saying and can help you stand out among other candidates. It’s important to be aware of your body language and gestures prior to stepping into an interview. Preparation builds confidence and can help in stressful situations when it’s easy for emotions to permeate through body language.