Life and Career Readings from Last Week

By, 06/13/2012

I’ve been a little behind on life and careers readings the last two weeks, but hopefully this (somewhat) longer list catches you up. Enjoy.

  1. Two Lists You Should Look at Every Morning: What you want and what you want to ignore.
  2. What Captures Your Attention Controls Your Life: Advice that should go without saying.
  3. Design thinking—solving complex problems or developing products or services by seeing how they’re used—is quickly gaining recognition in many business circles.
  4. Do Headphones Really Help? (In the office.) A long-time user of headphones—I say yes. But as the piece points out, it all depends on the person … and the music.
  5. New study shows a shorter, slower jog might be better for your longevity than a longer, faster run. As with all studies though, take it with a grain of salt.
  6. The comma is often a writer’s worst enemy—but it needn’t be.