Little Steps Go a Long Way

By, 12/09/2015

When folks think about making changes in their career—whether it’s learning a new skill, pursuing an advanced position or going in an entirely different direction—they often jump straight to the end-goal. However, such an approach can be overwhelming. You may not have considered all the steps you need to take to get there, making the task seem more daunting than it has to be. Rather than zeroing in on the destination, break down your goal into several little parts.

For example, if you wanted to put yourself in a position for a promotion, that doesn’t mean you have to tackle the biggest, most difficult project head-on to prove your worth. Rather, take stock of your current skills and responsibilities—and honestly assess your shortcomings, too—and see what incremental changes you can make to improve. Can you finish one of your daily responsibilities quicker? How? How can you use your resources—whether it’s your manager, a mentor or a fellow coworker—to address areas you struggle in? Little tweaks and fixes are much easier to enact than broad, sweeping changes, and by implementing them when necessary, you will make steadier, sustainable progress toward your desired goals.