Maintaining a Professional Image ... Online

By, 04/17/2013

Before the days of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, maintaining a professional image was mainly confined to tangibles like clothes, your car, how you spoke and personal hygiene. Now, it’s highly likely a potential employer’s first impression (and possibly lasting image) of you will happen online. That said, it’s important to make sure any representation of you on the worldwide web is something that makes you (or your parents, for that matter) proud.

Photos are a huge part of many social media websites. Most people looking at your profile will likely be friends, but remember the information you post online is also out there for any internet user to see (privacy settings aside). Employers often utilize Facebook and other social media websites to collect background information when recruiting or interviewing candidates. An easy question to assess whether or not to post a photo: Would I want my parents to see this?

Impressions aren’t just limited to how your look—they can equally be tied to what you say. Keep this in mind the next time you tweet, update your status or even comment on a fellow user’s page.  Once the information is available, it’s hard to make it disappear. Rather, it’s easier to have it never exist in the first place.