Make It Count

By, 06/09/2014

What constitutes the “perfect” resume? Should you load up on content, with descriptive prose trumpeting your qualifications? Or do you go the aesthetically-pleasing route with elegant fonts, customized bullet points and special parchment imported from Italy? As important as the details are, however, don’t forget the most critical ingredient in getting seen: clarity!

This is particularly important as some posit that recruiters spend just six seconds before making the initial “fit or no fit” call on a candidate. Though that seems fast, consider the number of applicants recruiters could potentially sift through in a day—anyone with access to an Internet connection could forward along a resume. If it takes more than a few moments for a recruiter to find what he’s looking for, he’ll move on—why waste precious on one resume when there are possibly dozens more to go through?

So when creating or updating your resume, while the little touches can make you stand out, don’t lose sight of the big picture—the recruiter needs to see what you’re talking about first before you can impress.