Making the Most of Your First Day on the Job

By, 11/20/2012

A successful first day at your new job can make a great first impression, and first impressions are very important. These tips can be helpful in getting the most out of this important time.

One tried and true preparation step is getting a good night’s sleep—not just the night before, but instead getting a good schedule going a few weeks in advance. This can be especially helpful when making the transition from a university schedule to a full time work schedule.

When the big day comes, bring a notepad. Copious notes will be helpful down the road when remembering names, procedures or how your department may interact with others. It should also mitigate asking the same questions over and over again—managers and co-workers will appreciate the fact you can comprehend material and follow procedures from the get-go.

Remember to spend more time listening and asking questions and less time talking. Workflow may be slow, or they may get you up and running with tasks—either way, being attentive will give you the upper hand with a productive head start.