Managing Stress

By, 09/07/2012

Maintaining a steady work-life balance can be a healthy way to keep your professional life on track. Learning how to successfully reduce stress when you’re on the job can be essential to maintaining that balance. Here are a few things to keep in mind when work may seem a little hectic:

  1. Take a break. Sometimes a quick walk outside and some fresh air are exactly what you need to refresh your brain and return to a productive work day. Even simply looking out the window for a minute to refocus your eyes can pay dividends.
  2. Keep things organized. It’s a lot easier to manage your workload when you’re able to keep track of emails, files and the like. Making a checklist of your tasks each morning—and updating it as you complete items and receive new projects—also helps.
  3. Enjoy your time away from the office. Taking your mind off work when you’re off the clock will recharge your mental batteries; and come Monday morning, you won’t feel like you only just left the office.