Marketing Yourself

By, 10/15/2012

When you’re applying for a job, your cover letter is just as important as your resume (if not more so). Your resume shows off your experience, but the cover letter lets you highlight your professional personality and pitch the employer—and if it’s not compelling, he or she may not give your resume much of a look.

While your resume lists previous responsibilities and duties, your cover letter should explain how this experience applies to the job you’re seeking—you have the opportunity to demonstrate why you are a great candidate. Even if you don’t have as much work experience as other candidates, your cover letter can highlight extra-curricular activities that helped you gain or hone applicable skills.

Although it saves time to use the same cover letter when applying for different jobs, it may benefit you more to customize each letter for each job posting. The employer will likely notice you took the time to learn about the company and tailor the letter accordingly, which should help you stand out from other candidates.