Mind Your Ps and Qs

By, 07/24/2012

Judging from a recent Wall Street Journal article, polishing your grammar skills may give you a big leg up in your next job interview. Workplace grammar gaffes are on the rise, and it’s driving managers nuts—well-spoken candidates with grammatically sound resumes will probably stand out.

To brush up, consider investing in a writing style guide, like William Strunk and EB White’s classic, The Elements of Style. Its tips on word use and subject/verb agreement can help you avoid some common verbal pitfalls, and each of its 71 pages can help you polish your resume. It’s also a witty read, which makes it easier to absorb than your average grammar primer. Plus, once you’re on the job, you’ll likely find it a handy reference for written business communication—which can help you stand out among your more grammatically challenged colleagues.