By, 10/08/2012

Nobody wants to make mistakes. They waste time, effort and money. But the irrational fear of making mistakes can hinder your overall job performance. Fear often paralyzes your ability to think creatively, innovate and see the big picture.

Learning experiences are a common benefit of mistakes. Something as small as a typo can teach you to be more careful, while bigger errors offer more lasting experiences. For instance, testing new ideas or initiatives may feel discouraging in the face of repeated failure. However, knowing what doesn’t work can lead you closer to what does. Whether a minor slip-up or bigger blunder, you’ll learn to look out for mishaps—potentially leading to more efficient work in the future.

And, though negative effects also follow, keeping a balanced view of all outcomes helps quell the fear of making mistakes—which may lead you to have more confidence in your decision making and chance taking. At the very least, you’ll probably learn something. So in the future, own your mistakes and benefit from the gained experience.